The Ohio State Football 2020 non-conference schedule posted by Big Ten


After all the helping hands and the gnashing of teeth, we finally know what the revised Ohio State football schedule looks like for 2020.The Big Ten announced their intention to only play conference games on July 9 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and since then there has been a lot of speculation about what that would look like. Questions such as which games would be considered a priority, when will games start, will teams play each other more than once, and others have been on everyone’s minds.

We then received news from sources familiar with the situation that the schedules were set to be released at the end of last week, but with everything going on with the withdrawal of players, with an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Rutgers, and more, which was postponed to Wednesday.

We now have many questions answered and know what the Ohio State timeline will be, at least to begin with. So let’s go …


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