The official video explains the enhanced features of the Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen


The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra come with a richer design and many improved features. However, the most important aspect of all the devices in the Galaxy Note series is its S Pen. With its new Galaxy Note devices, Samsung has improved the entire experience of using an S Pen by reducing latency and adding many more features.Samsung reduced the S Pen’s latency on the Galaxy Note 20 to 26ms, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s latency was reduced to just 9ms. Both phones now offer a true paper and pen feel while using the S Pen. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s 120Hz refresh rate screen further improves the performance of the S Pen.

Samsung leveraged AI to improve Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen performance and added Anywhere actions

The company improved all of the underlying technology by rewriting the code and improving the hardware. The South Korean smartphone giant has also harnessed its artificial intelligence technology to collect hundreds of thousands of sample data on letters, patterns and shapes, and it has improved prediction through machine learning.

It also added more aerial actions to the new phones, including the ability to navigate the user interface without even touching the screen. Five new Anywhere actions have been introduced with the two new phones: the ‘v’ gesture activates Smart Select, shaking the S Pen activates the capture and write function. The ‘gesture’ opens the multitasking menu and the gesture ‘∧’ takes the user to the home screen.

New Samsung Notes app offers more background colors, PDF annotation with audio sync, easier file management

Samsung has also made various improvements to the Samsung Notes app. Users can now change the background color while drawing or writing and select predefined templates including a calendar and task view. PDF files can be imported into the app for writing or annotation. While annotating the PDF file, users can record their voice, which synchronizes with their actions.

PDF files can also be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word files after annotation. When taking notes, the handwriting may seem slanted and Samsung now offers the option to straighten them. The app also offers improved file management through folders. The new Samsung Notes also syncs files in real time so you can see changes almost instantly on other devices.

  • Model: SM-N985F
  • Dimensions: Barre: 164,8 x 77,2 x 8,1 mm
  • Display: 6.9 inch / 175.26mm 2X Dynamic AMOLED
  • CPU: Exynos 990
  • Camera: 108 MP


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