The medical information that led the Pac-12 to pass football on in 2020 – the athletic


When the Pac-12 conference announced Tuesday that it was postponing its fall football season, it was hard for some of the league’s coaches not to think about the Zoom call they had had the night before with the athletic directors, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott and conference medical experts. A Powerpoint presentation by one of the medics left many speechless. He had addressed the issue of heart problems stemming from COVID-19, one of the coaches told The Athletic. The presentation cited the case of 27-year-old Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez, who has been sidelined for the remainder of the season due to heart disease. He was speaking to first-year offensive lineman in Indiana, Brady Feeney, who should have been taken to the emergency room and whose mother has raised concerns about lingering heart problems from COVID infection. 19; Michael Ojo, a 27-year-old former basketball player from the state of Florida, who had recovered from COVID-19 but died earlier this month …


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