“The killers showed contempt for the police as they lied about the events”, reveals a detective


But all three sought to derail the investigation by inventing false alibis, with Long even claiming that he had been sitting with his cousins ​​all evening watching the film. Fast and furious.Upon his arrest, he told the policeman, “Look at me, do I look like a murderer.”

At the police station, the veteran criminal remarked, “I don’t give a fuck about any of this.”

DS Blaik said throughout the investigation, the three assassins “did not do the right thing”.

He told the Telegraph: “They told lies, they tried to get rid of the evidence, they had the support of the larger family network, which all thwarted the investigation.”

“It was very clear that early night that they were under suspicion of one of the most serious offenses you can imagine, but they chose to lie and say nothing.

“What it shows is complete disregard for what we were dealing with when they could and should have done the right thing.”


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