The Jays win in extras – Bluebird Banter


Blue Jays 6 Rays 5 (10 manches)

Six consecutive victories !!! A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have bet the Jays would win 7 this season.

The extra innings are so weird with the runner starting on second.

In our half, with Drury in second position, Cavan Biggio doubled up to give us the green light. Santiago Espinal (who tried to decay earlier in the game and looked totally lost, hitting a two-stroke decay), poses a very good decay. And Lourdes Gurriel hit a sack fly which put us in place by two. Randal Grichuk followed with a brace, but Reese McGuire lined up a right into Aaron Loup’s glove to finish the round.

In the Rays’ half of the field, Jordan Romano gave up a starting single, allowing one run to score and tying the tie on base. He then got a steal and a strikeout. A hit single (with a powerful F-bomb from Jordan) placed the tying point third and the winning point first. But a weak basic right to Jordan put an end to it.

We had a great start from Matt Shoemaker. 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 wins, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts. He was saved at least 1 run by a huge throw from Lourdes Gurriel, mentioned below.

In the choice you make will be the wrong record, Montoyo shot Shoemaker after 5 innings with 74 throws.

On the one hand: he’s starting his third time in command (we always complain when a starter is left to do that. And there were lefties coming in, bringing a lefty might seem like a good decision.

On the other hand: we need a starter to get us a few runs someday. And Matt was pretty much in control.

Personally, I like to stick with a guy who throws well. I think I would have left it until a baserunner (although we keep telling ourselves the reliever would rather get a new end). And my rule is, the more pitchers you bring in, the more likely you are to find the guy who doesn’t.

Charlie found the guy who didn’t have it right away. Ryan Borucki walked Brandon Lowe and Yandy Diaz (who both outscored Shoemaker earlier in the game). A brace scored two and tied. Only one put two.

For me, Kevin Cash made a mistake here by bringing in an RHB that caused Charlie to shoot Borucki. I would have left the drummer on the left, Borucki had nothing.

Rafael Dolis entered and allowed a walk, but blocked the runners.

AJ Cole, Anthony Bass and Thomas Hatch each pitched a scoreless inning to get us to some extras with a tie.

On the attack, we scored 4 points in the second set. It started with back-to-back home runs from Teoscar Hernandez and Vladimir Guerrero (both run over, Vlad is hit on a line, Teoscar is more of a high fly).

After an outing, Brandon Drury chose and Cavan Biggio walked. After the second out, Gurriel doubled up at home 1. Then Randal Grichuk had one goal to a second but beat the shot. Biggio scored and Lourdes attempted to catch the sleeping Rays. The throw beat him easily, but a strange spinning slide called him to safety, but was knocked down upon examination. With two outs, I think it was worth a try.

We had 10 results. Cavan Biggio had 3 plus a ride. Biggio for reasons beyond comprehension reached 8th place tonight. It turned out he was in the right place to overtake in the 10th, but it was a stupid move.

Grichuk and Drury had 2 hits each.

I guess it’s worth noting that Vlad made a capture on a plate popup that Danny Jansen and Matt Shoemaker lost in the roof. It wasn’t pretty but he grabbed it.

Gurriel had an interesting evening. He made an absolutely amazing left field throw to get Yandy Diaz home. And he might have had the strangest slip through the house we’ve ever seen (called safe but knocked down on examination, the tag barely had his hand touched).

Here’s the throw:

Let’s give JoDs to Dolis (.255 WPA), Hatch (.140), Bass (.108), Cole (.089), Shoemaker (.088) and Romano (FanGraphs can’t get his correct number with this rider from of the second).

Batting Side: Biggio has a .506.

Suckage: Borucki (-.495), Espinal (-.171, for a 0 for 3, walk, sack), Shaw (-.097).

We had 679 comments in the GameThread. Alan F. led us to victory (next time don’t make it so dramatic Alan).


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