The generous Ellen grants a minimum standard of living to her serfs


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You know you don’t do very well, in terms of HR / PR, when you do a big public exhibition giving new privileges and benefits to your employees the wake of a major scandal, and the general reaction is not “Oh, good!”, but rather, “Wait, you weren’t letting people take paid time off to go to the doctor?” Such is the fate of Ellen DeGeneres (and, more generally, the recently revamped producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show), WHO, by Variety, just announced that they were going to dance all these unpleasant relationships in their workplace being a toxic environment, inducing compliance which would also have been plagued by sexual harassment behaviors by… distributing some new tickets to the staff.

Specifically, the show’s staff will now get five paid days off, plus paid time off for “doctor’s appointments and family matters.” They’re also going to be celebrating their birthday, which is, for some reason, very funny to us as an attempted humanitarian gesture.

More importantly, the show also adds a third-party human resources representative, who will not be directly accountable to their various bosses, and who will be supposed to serve as a real place for staff members to report their grievances. This is the sort of thing that presumably could have bypassed many of the complaints that have been leveled against the show’s management in the past, particularly the accounts of sexual misconduct, racist comments and more that saw producers Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman start the series earlier this week.

It’s all part of Zoom’s seemingly pretty crying appeal that DeGeneres gave to her staff on Monday, in which she reiterated that she had no knowledge of all the horrible things that were happening to people on her behalf. DeGeneres says she only learned about her show’s problems by reading Variety, which, hey, haven’t we all been there.


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