The Eight Steps Companies Need to Take to Reintegrate Covid-Aware Workers


Employers must recognize that workers will be “reluctant” to return, which means they will need to have “a rigorous strategy in place to protect staff and address concerns,” said Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute.“The best way to do this is to consult with staff and ensure a gradual return to the workplace to promote social distancing,” she said.

One-way traffic systems with corresponding signage on floors, separation screens between offices, workers placed back-to-back rather than face-to-face on desks two meters apart and the ban on hot-desking are part of the government recommended actions and HSE guidelines.

But some are exploiting the technology. For its new city offices, AXA Investment is developing 3D printed room status flags that digitally change color if a room is occupied, vacant or ready to be cleaned. This is associated with the contactless entry and exit of doors and meeting rooms.

Smart Spaces envisions technology that monitors the concentration of particles in the workplace, sensors to calculate the occupant density of an area to ensure rooms are not overcrowded, and instant messaging to help people in need. protect themselves at home to keep in touch.

Work practices

Covid could mean the end of presenteeism as office hours and practices are reshuffled to reduce risk.

Like schools, reduced breaks and condensed hours have been introduced by some companies and force workers to stick to the same team of workers as students in classroom “bubbles”. Others have introduced rotas of the same staff coming on different days to reduce the risk of transmission.

British Land has already introduced staggered departures and flexible working. Its offices opened for volunteers in mid-June, with capacity gradually increasing in July. Beginning in early September, most workers will be on shift two or three days a week.

Convene, an office space provider, encouraged members to sign an agreement outlining their security obligations under the “new standard” for office space.

Amy Pooser, the company’s human resources manager, said: “This includes basics like regular hand washing, wearing a mask indoors and staying home if you think be ill or have been directly exposed to a sick person.



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