The creators of “Seinfeld” never thought that “the contest” would pass the censors, but they left out a crucial word


Seinfeld has become one of the most iconic comedies of all time thanks to their drive to push the boundaries. Overall, the series broke the mold of what a sitcom could look like. And in doing so, they explored controversial questions and new topics that audiences were shocked to see.

Not all scenarios on Seinfeld aged well, although they were surprisingly progressive for their time. And there is one topic that the writers thought never got beyond TV censors. “The Contest” is an entirely masturbation-themed episode, and yet surprisingly, they never utter the word.

Larry David based ‘The Contest’ on real-life experience

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The most of SeinfeldThe content of the was inspired by real life situations. The show explored the details of everyday life but made it funny and over the top which kept fans entertained and captivated as they could relate to what was going on.

Series co-creator Larry David created “The Contest” based on a real competition he and his friends had organized to see who could go the longest without masturbating. Surprisingly, the network would allow content if no character used the word “masturbate.” According to the DVD extras, Julia Louis-Dreyfus never thought that the episode would be broadcast because of the subject.

David later said that the strength of the episode was that it used euphemisms for the act rather than explicit language. It even sparked one of the most notorious lines of Seinfeld history, according to WikiSein.

“The contest” is to refrain from masturbation

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It is an unlikely topic for television. Still, Season 4 Episode 10 became popular because it was shocking and therefore taboo. Somehow David managed to make it clear what was going on without being explicit.

It all starts when George tells everyone that his mom caught him masturbating which caused him to fall and injure himself. Everyone laughs at George. Then they have the idea of ​​putting in the money to see who can go the longest without having fun. The men put in $ 100 on the contest but got Elaine to put in $ 150, claiming that it is easier for women to abstain than for men.

The rest of the episode shows the group being tempted in all kinds of different ways, like when Kramer sees a naked woman walking around his apartment or when Elaine meets John F. Kennedy Jr. Jerry is dating a virgin who is finally ready. to have sex. One by one, everyone abandons the contest.

This would later imply that George had won the contest although the public would never see him collect his winnings.

We learned why Jerry Seinfeld calls himself “master of my domain”

The episode avoids using explicit language to describe masturbation, which is how it got past the censors in the first place. Ultimately, euphemisms become more memorable anyway. Jerry refers to his self-control as being “master of my domain,” a phrase that is still used today.

David considers “The Contest” to be one of the best episodes in the series not only because he wrote it, but because it highlighted exactly what Seinfeld aimed to do every time. The audience laughed, pulled back and secretly connected with the struggles of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

As usual, it was funny because it was true.


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