The Boys Season 2: Final Trailer & New Posters Revealed


Amazon Prime Video has released the latest trailer for The Boys Season 2, alongside new posters of Billy Butcher and Homelander.The final trailer for The Boys Season 2, which is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4, promises another savage and bloody. Step up as “the country’s most wanted guys” and craft a plan to defeat Vought in their ongoing battle against Homelander and the rest of the Seven. Fresh new footage explodes with quick glimpses of intense action footage and Insane twists and turns as Stormfront, a new social media savvy Supe, arrives on scene with his own agenda, threatening to disrupt the status quo and challenge Homelander’s power.Along with the final trailer, Amazon Prime Video unveiled two new posters depicting the Boys and Seven’s respective leaders, Butcher (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Antony Starr), at the center of their opposing campaigns, surrounded by a rag. group of allies and enemies.

The Boys Season 2 will air its first three episodes worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on September 4, with the remaining five episodes available each following Friday, leading up to the season finale on October 9. Additionally, a short film will be released as an accompanying “sometimes in the middle” piece of the next series.For more on Amazon’s satirical superhero series, watch The Boys Season 2 official Comic-Con 2020 panel, check out the previous teaser of the show’s ‘wanted’ cast members on the run, and read IGN’s interview with Karl Urban on Eric Kripke’s future. TV adaptation.

Alternatively, for a more comprehensive rundown, take a look at everything we know about The Boys Season 2 so far and learn about some of the biggest differences between the TV series and the comics.

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