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Samsung’s big Unpacked event went off with just a few glitches. It’s good to know that even when an event is live, some sort of logistical issue can cause audio visual issues and delay the start of a conference. Makes everything a little more normal.

I’m teasing – the event itself was actually well executed. Samsung didn’t simulate an auditorium, but did its best to make the occasion feel great. Microsoft and Apple have gone much further by embracing a new online format, but Samsung handled it pretty well. There were definitely some squeaky moments (Samsung kept showing Bluetooth pairing interfaces?), But overall it was a strong event. Additionally, Samsung had a much more diverse and engaging set of presenters than any other tech opening talk in recent memory. Well done, Samsung.

But what about the products? Well my big question was what would be the flagship and the answer is obvious: it is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. You can read my article in the link below, but don’t miss the video of Becca Farsace – who was able to use the Note 20 for a brief period.

As for this Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung has pushed back a lot of details until September 1. For today, he’s mostly spent his time talking about how the second edition of the Fold responded to all the sustainability issues voiced by the press and YouTubers (one of my videos made a cameo). The post was refreshingly honest and straightforward: the first one wasn’t great, we’re correcting it.

At the end, Samsung’s TM Roh held a scripted interview in which he outlined Samsung’s priorities for the coming years: foldable and 5G. The Fold 2 is going to be a big test of that.

Samsung hasn’t mentioned Bixby, its digital assistant, once. I’m told it’s still on the phones and hasn’t been decommissioned or anything – but woof. It’s a joke inside, by the way. On the The Vergecast podcast, we decided that Bixby was actually a butler with shoes on. It’s a thing. We’ll be making better jokes on Vergecast this week, where we’re absolutely going to break down all of Samsung’s announcements.

Either way, there’s a lot to catch up on if you missed it, so here are the links.

Samsung News

The biggest announcements of the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event.

Samsung announces Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra . I wrote my thoughts on the main device of the day, the Note 20 Ultra. The regular Note 20, I’m sad to say, doesn’t look very special.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s best attempt at delivering the best you can get on Android. The regular Note 20 is a lot less ambitious but still quite expensive, probably thanks to those 5G radios. Whether one or the other can meet or exceed expectations is one for you to consider – which we’ll bring to you later this month.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet features 120Hz 5G OLED display. The Tab S7 Plus’s display looks amazing.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is thinner, lighter and more expensive. I really wish these weren’t so huge.

Samsung announces Galaxy Buds Live with active noise cancellation and bean-shaped design. I just have to point out that the Samsung website for this product passed up a product name of “Beans”, confirming that Samsung originally called them beans. It is an act of sheer cowardice to walk away from such an excellent and punctual branding. Either way, this detail from Chris Welch on Samsung’s noise cancellation is fascinating:

But with the Galaxy Buds Live’s unconventional design and lack of in-ear tips or an actual gasket, Samsung’s noise cancellation works a little differently here compared to what you would experience with AirPods Pro or Earbuds. Sony 1000XM3. The company claims that Galaxy Buds Live are designed to reduce very low, constant frequencies like the sound of an airplane cabin or the rumble of a train. But they will let most sounds through – and that’s intentional.

How Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 compares to its predecessors and competitors.

Samsung announces Galaxy Z Fold 2 with bigger screens and better cameras. Chaim Gartenberg:

The bigger question, of course, is how durable the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be. The original Fold was sadly delayed for several months after the phone’s first $ 1980 review units started failing due to the fragility of the plastic-covered panel. Samsung eventually released the Fold after taking the time to design a more rugged model of the device, but it still had to warn users to handle the phone with children’s gloves on, with warnings about dust and dust. Applying “excessive pressure” to the touchscreen by touching it. .

Microsoft and Samsung have special partnership for Xbox Game Pass on Android.

How to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung Guarantees Three ‘Generations’ of Android Operating System Updates for Certain Galaxy Phones. Yours sincerely:

Samsung says that will happen for phones from the Galaxy S10 and newer, but some of its inferior A-series phones might not be up to the task. In a statement to The edge, Samsung specifies that the warranty “applies to S, N and Z series. One series will support until hardware permits.” “

Samsung will let you reserve a Galaxy Z Fold 2 today ahead of official pre-orders.

Technical news

Instagram launches Reels, its attempt to distance you from TikTok.

Google sends a complicated privacy email to everyone – here’s what it means. Me again:

Google is like asking humans to analyze and rate the anonymized audio clips of its users. However, it also took the major step of automatically disabling each user from the setting that allows Google to store their audio. That’s why you might get an email today: Google would like you to re-subscribe to the program, and it’s trying to provide clearer information detailing what it is.

Android TV’s new home screen will now recommend movies, TV shows, and apps. Seems like every TV platform has to do a little bit of sidelining with these subscriptions.

The other update coming to Android TV is a reworked subscription feed that makes it easier to subscribe to paid subscriptions, like TV streaming services. Where you would normally have to grab your phone to complete the process, or painstakingly use a TV remote to fill in your credentials, the new addition lets you authorize payment and automatically set up a subscription by linking your account. Google from Android TV to just a few clicks.

Microsoft integrates Android apps into Windows 10 with your new phone update. Microsoft’s adoption of Android and how quickly that embrace has transformed into genuinely useful features on Windows is remarkable.

Microsoft to remove xCloud iOS testing early as its future on Apple devices remains uncertain. Tom Warren:

The future of xCloud on iOS remains uncertain and potentially out of Microsoft’s hands. The issues appear to be related, at least in part, to Apple’s rules on in-app purchases through its App Store. Microsoft is avoiding in-app purchases with the Google Play Store version of Xbox Game Pass which will include game streaming (xCloud).

Learn more about The Verge

Apple and Google’s COVID-19 tracking system to debut in US in new Virginia app. As Nicole Wetsman points out, this solution will not solve everything. Nonetheless, I would like to see something like this in every state across the country:

Apps that automate the contact tracing process can help flag people who were in close proximity to someone with COVID-19, even though they may not remember interacting. They can also provide instant notification of possible virus exposure. But they are not a replacement for manual contact tracing, as they can only monitor contacts between people who have smartphones and decide to use the app. The VDH said it does not use the app as part of its own contact tracing process, but offers users a way to track their own potential exposures.

NASA Astronaut on Return of the SpaceX Crew Dragon: “It Looked Like an Animal”. Loren Grush explains what this descent looked like for astronauts:

“I recorded audio, but it doesn’t sound like a machine. It looks like an animal going through the atmosphere with all the blasts that are going from the thrusters and atmospheric noise, ”Behnken said at a press conference after landing. “It just continues to gain momentum as you descend into the atmosphere.”


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