The Batman trailer riddle is already solved – here’s how


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In Batman tradition, Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler, is a puzzle-obsessed super-criminal. He designs the best and most insidious puzzles for Bruce Wayne aka Batman to solve, putting himself under his skin and putting his so-called mantle of the world’s greatest sleuth to the test. So when The Riddler’s (Paul Dano) riddle appears in The batman trailer to classify our mood Bruce Wayne (Robert pattinson) provision, it goes without saying that the director Matt Reeves designed an improved and harder puzzle for his mysterious take on the character to wrestle with until it’s hard – what is it? The internet has solved it already, just based on his brief moment in a trailer? Hmm. The Internet 1, Batman 0, The Riddler, like, -900.


Image via Warner Bros.

Thanks to The Wrap, we have the tapes and methods of a litany of sleuths that we may need to hire when the going gets tough. The riddle, written in plain English, reads: “What does a liar do when he is dead?” Deductive reasoning and a history with riddles or lateral thinking puzzles can lead you to this conclusion: “He stands still.” But what about those weird symbols on the other side of the note?

These symbols correspond to different letters that spell the same message; a cryptogram, if you will. So if you cannot find the answer by reasoning on your own, you will have to open this puzzle and figure out what each symbol represents. Lots of people online have shown their work, but I really like the maestro puzzle Mike SelinkerThe walkthrough of, which is at the same time in-depth, intuitive and does not speak to us. If Mr. Selinker wants to put on a rodent costume and go solve crimes, I won’t stop him.

Until the Riddler comes up with better puzzles, check out this walkthrough on how to solve his puzzle below. To know more The batman, check out this gallery of bat images.


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