The Aussie Starc got bigger to challenge the speed record


Sydney (AFP)

Australian bowler Mitchell Starc has been building up his muscles during the offseason and changing his bowling action as he aims to hit the hallowed 100 mph mark.

The left arm took advantage of its unusually long layoff due to the coronavirus pandemic to spend some quality time in the gym ahead of an upcoming successful summer against India.

Only a handful of bowlers are in the 100 mph club, with Pakistani Shoaib Aktar considered the fastest ever with his 100.2 mph (161.3 km / h) rocket in 2003, the fastest delivery fast to the world.

Starc has been knocking on the door for years, with a 160.4 km / h missile against New Zealand in Perth in 2015, his best effort so far.

He hopes the extra work will not only make him faster, but help avoid injuries that have already plagued him when he struggled to break speed records.

“It would be nice but at the same time the two times I passed around that mark (160 km / h), I broke my foot,” he told on Wednesday night.

“I hope it doesn’t, but when everything is going well and that pace sets in and the conditions are right, then I can increase the speed.

“Maybe that extra time in the gym and that extra time maybe I could push the boundaries. ”

Starc added that he has polished his bowling action which has helped him maintain his extreme pace and fine tune his radar.

“In early summer (2019-20) and after that UK tour, I really got into that line and mindset of length (and) consistency that the whole group (of fast bowling) was about to go through the Ashes, ”he said.

“That doesn’t mean it’s not important, but I think I found a happy medium with this little adjustment to always have that better consistency while keeping my pace.

“I always want to play fast and I’m not going to compromise on that, but I had to find a way that didn’t cost me much at the same time and I think this little change in the action helped with that . ”

Virat Kohli’s India is expected to play four tests in Australia starting in early December, although the locations used remain uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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