The anti-mask movement in France “idiot” says a leading doctor


As the number of municipalities increases across France where wearing a mask outdoors is mandatory, so does the number of French social media users joining anti-mask groups online.In France, wearing a mask is compulsory in all closed public spaces and now also in some outdoor spaces in some municipalities. The rules are in place to limit the spread of Covid-19 which has caused a global pandemic and claimed the lives of more than 700,000 people worldwide.

But not everyone is on board wearing masks. A Facebook group called “mandatory anti mask” has attracted over 4,000 members since its inception on May 3 of this year.

Some of the arguments put forward by anti-mask proponents include masks that cause asphyxiation, masks that require you to breathe your own CO2, or masks that cause fungus in your bronchi. The vice-president of the doctors’ union general practitioners in France, Jean-Christophe Calmes, criticized this movement, saying that there was “total imbecility” on the part of some.

” And [these arguments] was true, I would be sorry to inform you of the massive death of all the health workers who work every day with masks, ”he told French radio RFI.

“The composition of the air quickly equilibrates on both sides of the mask. There is therefore no change in the amount of oxygen on each side of the mask. ”

He added that the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others from the virus, and so if everyone is wearing a mask, they are helping to protect each other. This is particularly important as there are growing concerns regarding the number of asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19.

There was no public demonstration of anti-mask supporters in France, but in early July, a bus driver was beaten to death in Bayonne after turning down passengers for not wearing masks, among other reasons.

The driver, Philippe Monguilot, 59, was unconscious when help arrived at the scene and died a few days later in hospital. Two people have been charged with attempted murder in connection with the attack.

Greater public support for masks

While the anti-mask partisan movement is growing online, it does not reflect the point of view of the French in general.

The introduction of compulsory masks in many outdoor municipalities enjoys wide support from the public, a new poll was found.

the online survey by the YouGov investigator was carried out on August 3 and 4, and interviewed a representative sample of 1,041 French people aged 18 or over on their opinions on masks.

Almost two-thirds (62%) said they were in favor of wearing a mask outdoors, and 84% said they would wear one if necessary.

A Login a reader living in Carcassonne said she supported wearing masks outdoors.

« [Masks are] not compulsory in the streets of Carcassonne and little [are] wearing them on the streets, but I think there are more of them this week, ”she wrote on a private Facebook page.

“There was a concert in the square last night which drew a lot of people and I am told most of them were wearing masks and security personnel were asking people to do so. Common sense prevails. ”

Another reader also said he supported wearing masks, but feared people would follow the rules.

“I have no problem with that if it helps. But as usual in France, they have strict but little applied rules, ”he wrote.

“I was on a bus the other day with 12 to 15 young adults aged 16 to 20 without masks.”

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