The 2021 Genesis G70 shooting brake and G70 facelift are rendered


Many European car manufacturers are trying to reduce the number of normal cars they manufacture. But at the same time, Koreans seem to be much more focused on the lively design and powerful engines favored by legendary enthusiasts. So, we get the new Genesis G70 shooting brake.

We still can’t believe this is happening. The failure of the Mercedes CLS shooting brake should have been enough of a warning that other automakers wouldn’t do it again. But we’re more than happy that the G70 SB exists. It’s a bit of a midpoint between the styling of a coupe and the added practicality of a wagon, and the extra functionality of this trunk won’t be huge, but it scores a lot more style points. Korean website KKS Studio released a set of renderings showing the G70 model suitable for families. As you can probably see, it sports not only the cool body but also a refresh that flows from the normal G70 model.It takes the form of the new face of the Genesis family, with split lights and a towering grille. The interior should also incorporate elements of the GV80 SUV. It’s unlikely to sell well in any market, but should set Genesis apart from all other high-end car makers, so it’s almost like a halo car.

Another bing change awaits the engine department. The G70 shooting brake will compete with the BMW 3 Series Touring and the Mercedes C-Class T-Model. However, it will have bigger and more powerful engines than both. A 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder will replace the base 2.0-liter G70 engine and produce between 290 and 300 hp.

The other engine will be a 3.5T with around 380 hp. Genesis would still want to sell cars in Europe, so they’ll need Hyundai’s 2.2-liter diesel or maybe some sort of hybrid drive.

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