Test de la Bentley Bentayga 2020 UK


There can’t be many original Bentayga owners who have criticized the model’s beautifully detailed interior, but the changes for 2020 are significant. The edges of the center console were extended into the cabin to improve the appearance and central transport space, and two of Bentley’s eyeball vents were replaced with a new winged vent on the top of the dashboard, inspired by the Bacalar concept and incorporating the analog clock.

The driver now has a head-up display, as well as a larger screen between the two traditional dials (now digital as in GT and Spur). There is a new control panel on the center console, under the new vents, with hard keys for owners who prefer not to use the infotainment system via the touchscreen (bigger, lighter and more responsive) above.

Like the Conti and the Spur, the system now has its own SIM card which automatically connects to your phone. Interior Design Director Darren Day said Bentley research has shown that this feature encourages owners to make better use of the car’s many other real functions. The seats of the Bentayga have all been redesigned for a new look. In the cooled versions, the leather perforations reach their edges for better efficiency in summer and there is a new double-stitched interpretation of Bentley’s signature quilted trim design.

The second row seats (offered as before in two- or three-person configurations) have a new frame that provides approximately 30mm of additional knee room when occupants are seated normally, or 100mm when the additional recline newly supplied is used. Rear passengers also receive a new remote control for functions such as air conditioning, seat massage and stereo, and like before, a third row is available to make your Bentayga a seven-seater.

Other handy updates include matrix headlights with 48 LEDs each to shape the Bentayga’s pool of light on the high beams to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers and ‘wet arm’ wipers with 22 jets that make washing the windshield more efficient.

Bentley first launches the 2020 Bentayga as a 4.0-liter V8, using its familiar 542bhp, 32-valve gasoline V8, with a pair of neatly packaged twin-scroll turbochargers inside the vee of the engine. The 6.0-liter W12 Speed ​​model will come later, while the promised V6 plug-in hybrid will start first in the UK, Europe, US and Japan.


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