Tesla stock surges ahead of stock split


Shares of Tesla Inc. TSLA,
On Monday, the electric carmaker’s 5-to-1 stock split was scheduled to take effect after the opening bell, but slashed earlier gains. The stock closed at $ 2,213.40 on Friday, which has now been adjusted to $ 442.68 to reflect the stock split. The last after-hours trade at pre-split adjusted price was equivalent to $ 2,216.99 according to FactSet, a gain of 0.2%, while the first split-adjusted price trade early on Monday was 468.10 $, which represented a gain of 5.7%. . Tesla stock has risen fivefold (+ 429.1%) since the start of the year through Friday, while the S&P 500 SPX
+ 0,67%
gained 8.6%.


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