Tesla reportedly built a Model 3-based hatchback to rival VW ID.3


Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is on a mission to get his company to launch more affordable electric cars. The next big project is to create a sedan based on the Model 3 and it could be built at the company’s new plant near Berlin, Germany and be destined for the European market.Coach quotes Musk when he spoke on a recent conference call with investors saying

“We won’t succeed in our mission if we don’t make cars affordable,” adding, “What bothers me the most about our current situation is that our cars aren’t affordable enough. We have to fix it. ‘

No word on the launch date of this sedan, as well as a possible larger vehicle. They must surely be a few good years in the future, given that Tesla has yet to launch the Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi (as well as the fact that the pandemic has affected the plans and schedules of most automakers to launch. ).

This sedan would be a direct rival to Volkswagen’s ID.3, as well as other (even smaller electric vehicles that are already sold in Europe or are about to be launched. But to be competitive it has to match or beat it in terms of price and as it is expected to be designed and built in Germany, Tesla might actually have a chance to undercut the VW.

Part of the savings will come from using a huge aluminum casting machine which greatly simplifies the process of creating the car’s unibody body. The technique is already in use at the Tesla plant in California and is said to have reduced the number of separate pieces that come together to create the frame from seventy to just two.

However, given that the Model 3 is a bit louder than the performance figures that even the fastest ID.3 is expected to hit, it’s likely that the Tesla hatchback won’t need to be as powerful as the Model 3. We’re also not sure what the car might end up being called, but the Model 2 sounds like a simple solution to this naming conundrum.


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