Tesla Model Y real-world range test: here we see consistency


The Tesla Model Y offers up to 316 miles of range estimated by the EPA. Although this is much more than most current electric vehicles, it is the lowest maximum range figure among Tesla vehicles. Due to an extreme amount of variables, inconsistencies with the EPA test compared to real-world driving, and simply a need to know, real-world EV range testing has become a lot. more common.The latest addition to our selection of Tesla Model Y real-range tests comes from compliments from Bearded Tesla Guy. We try to publish a variety of real-world range tests for every car we drive and cover. This way you can view the EPA estimate and compare it to multiple range tests. Best of all, since each range test can be performed differently (different rules, different speeds, different climates, etc.), you can choose the tests that best fit your unique use case to get the best idea of the range you can expect. .

It’s important to note that the EPA only does a small portion of its own testing. Most of the testing is actually done by the automakers, although they must follow strict EPA procedures. It only takes a quick Google search to find out that most EVs fall short of the EPA’s range ratings when tested in the real world. However, if one were to perform a real world test using the EPA procedure, the results should be consistent.

An electric vehicle with a range of over 300 miles should be enough for most people. Even 150 to 200 miles is more than enough for everyday driving. The problem of autonomy mainly concerns longer road trips. For this reason, we drive EVs at a constant speed of 70mph to get a feel for highway range. Car and driver uses a constant speed of 75 mph for its EV range tests. The EPA method is much more complex, but it certainly does not rate cars at a constant speed on a freeway that meets or exceeds the speed limit.

If you do most of your city driving errands, you will probably get a lot more range than most of these actual range tests. However, that probably won’t matter to you as you probably don’t suffer from distance anxiety. What if you decide to go on a long road trip? You will need to choose when and where you will charge. So, a road test may be of the greatest benefit to you. Like our in-house test, this test is based on a constant set speed of 70 mph. We did 276 miles with the Model Y. Barbu Tesla Guy’s the test comes just before ours, and he still had some juice left.

Check out this range test, along with our own tests and others we’ve shared. Then provide your own litter test results with us in the comments section below.


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