Tesco issues coronavirus advice to shoppers after spike near department store


Tesco has issued advice to its buyers after a peak in coronavirus cases near one of their main stores. Last Thursday it was revealed that there had been a spike in infections affecting people of all ages in the Princes Park Council Quarter – which includes parts of Toxteth, Dingle and the Canning area near the center – city.

The Liverpool City Council public health team is now acting quickly to ensure the outbreak does not get out of hand.

General advice on hand washing, crowd avoidance, social distancing and wearing face masks has already been reiterated by health officials.

But Tesco, which has a department store on Park Road, has also offered advice on how to stay safe while shopping.

The supermarket giant said: “We continue to implement a range of social distancing measures in our stores, to protect our customers and colleagues and ensure that everyone can maintain a safe distance.

“Masks, gloves and visors are available for colleagues who wish to wear them.

“We thank customers for helping to support these measures in our stores. ”

The store remained open for people to buy essential groceries during the height of the pandemic in Liverpool, and always advised people to be vigilant for the virus during the visit.

In addition to security measures being put in place by Tesco, additional precautions have been taken in the region in an attempt to tackle the cases.

Advice has been issued for those who could shield.

Residents of Princes Park are now advising anyone who currently protects to continue to do so until at least August 14.

He says: “There is an increase in Covid 19 infections in your area. We advise everyone who is currently protecting to continue to do so until at least August 14.

“Please stay home and follow the directions.

“More advice will follow regarding food and other supports. ”

The city council is also launching an emergency testing center in the area and urging anyone with symptoms to get tested immediately.

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