Tesco announces new measure for buyers entering without a face mask


As of July 24, it is mandatory for all shoppers in England to wear a face mask at the supermarket.Some people are exempt from the rule due to their medical condition, but for many it is now legal to wear a face mask inside stores.

But despite this, some people have flouted the rules – sometimes because of ignorance, and sometimes because of forgetting their masks.

Supermarket giant Tesco has taken note and come up with a smart solution for those who forgot to take a mask when shopping with them, reports Liverpool ECHO.

Anyone without a mask and who needs one can now buy one at the entrance to the supermarket. Buyers will be able to pay for these masks with their groceries when they arrive at checkout.

The supermarket has said, however, that it will not screen people spotted without a face mask in the store, so it is up to individuals to ensure they follow the rules.

Earlier this month, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham called on Greater Manchester supermarkets to hire more security staff to ensure mask rules are enforced.

He said, “I’m not asking the staff or the cashiers to do this. I ask supermarkets to have security personnel, as most of them employ security personnel.

“Let’s remember, all the supermarkets made a lot of money throughout this situation. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

‘If they say they can’t afford to do it everywhere, I say they should do it in Greater Manchester with the situation we are facing and other areas that are facing greater restrictions. “


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