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‘Tenet’ Sets New Global Release Date, But US Debut Two Weeks Later


Some good news and some bad news.

Principe was supposed to be the biggest movie of the summer. John David Washington, who is Denzel Washington’s son, is set to star in Christopher Nolan’s latest action flick. Nolan claims this is the greatest action any of his films have featured, and the concept of some sort of time travel and espionage gives the film a fun twist. The trailers have been well received and Robert Pattinson even stars alongside Washington. The pandemic has caused Hollywood to postpone nearly every movie, and Principe got stuck in the hell out of the way. The date has been pushed back several times, and last week it was withdrawn “indefinitely”. According to The Hollywood Reporter however, we can have some hope.

For theaters that can reopen, Principe will first open overseas in more than 70 countries from August 26. Then, two weeks later, select US cities will premiere the film on September 3. So far, local and health authorities in more than 30 states have said theaters can reopen. Ten other states have certain cities where theaters can also open. New York and Los Angeles, considered two of the nation’s largest film markets, may not open their theaters in time for release. Expect tons of bootlegging and Reddit streaming to take place if this happens.


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