Taylor Swift warns fans to vote early as Trump opposes postal vote


The singer took to Twitter on Saturday to find out about recent changes made by the U.S. Postal Service, including reduced hours of operation and the removal of mailboxes. The singer has blamed President Donald Trump for these changes directly.

“Trump’s calculated dismantling of the USPS clearly proves one thing: he is WELL AWARE that we don’t want him as president. He chose to blatantly cheat and put the lives of millions of Americans in danger in an effort to retain power, ”she told me.

She continued, “Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership has seriously exacerbated the crisis we find ourselves in and he is now taking the opportunity to subvert and destroy our right to vote and to vote safely. Ask for an early poll. Vote early. ”

The outspoken singer’s tweets come amid growing scrutiny against the federal government and its management of the Postal Service, after Trump said he opposed funding the service over postal voting – fueling the allegations that he is manipulating the postal service for his own. political gain comes in November.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to record levels of postal voting rather than in-person voting. Trump has tried to restrict the method of voting because he says it will hurt his chances of re-election and Republicans at all levels.

Meanwhile, the Postal Service has warned nearly all states that voters may not return their ballots to polling stations on time due to election rules that are inconsistent with the time required for delivery and return of ballots. postal ballots.


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