Taylor Swift Song ‘The Lakes’ Lyrics Explained


Taylor Swift by a lake, if not necessarily the Lac.
Photo: Beth Garrabrant / Stoke PR

Like many others, Taylor Swift is in her 40s remembering the vacation she took during the long lost golden age of 2019. The singer released the Jack Antonoff co-production folklore bonus track “The Lakes”, available from August 7 (or a few days earlier, if you were sneaky) as a treat for those who have purchased physical copies of the album. And, as fans have predicted, the title lakes are indeed those of England’s scenic Lake District, a national park renowned for its romantic and romantic getaways. (Many 19th century poets hung out there; this is also where this author’s parents met.) Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn apparently visited the area last year for what the best album track, “invisible string,” said to be a trip to the third anniversary. This, of course, means the Lake District has officially joined New York and Tennessee’s Hendersonville High School as places that have inspired several songs by Taylor Swift. Take this, London!


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