Taylor Swift renames Folklore Merch after theft complaints


Despite a fluid and clue-filled rollout for Taylor Swift’s new surprise album, Folklore, Last week, the singer is now facing criticism from a black-owned fashion brand over too many product similarities. By CNN, owner of contemporary online retailer The Folklore, Amira Rasool, accused Swift of tearing up the company’s logo for its original Folklore designs for sweaters, cardigans and t-shirts. Folklore, which brings together high-end brands from Africa and the Diaspora, has been in business for several years. “Based on the similarities in the design, I think the product designer tore off my company logo,” Rasool wrote on Instagram on July 24. “I’m sharing my story to highlight the tendency for big business and celebrities to copy the work of minority small business owners. I will not let this blatant theft escape. Initially, Swift’s creations featured the words “The Folklore” as opposed to a singular “Folklore,” which is the name of the album.


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