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“Saturday plans: wine and Folklore. «

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift has released a brand new album, Folklore, and the vibrations are * immaculate *.

The album features 16 new songs with lyrics about a bunch of new characters, stories and ~ hidden meanings ~. So it makes sense that people theorize and joke about it.

Now two weeks after the album’s release I’m giving you 50 of the * best * Folklore jokes – IMHO of course:


when inez reynolds grows up and listens to betty and hears her parents hugely famous friend sing about her being a talkative bitch who does shit and cant be trusted

12:39 – 25 Jul 2014



if taylor swift can write a song based on a netflix movie, then netflix can make a love triangle movie based on august / betty / cardigan

2:30 AM – Jul 27, 2014


the folk aesthetic has strong vibes from someone who was very active on tumblr 2010 and now has an adult job but still goes to ao3 to read fics titled All Lowercase Letters at 1am

01:52 – 24 Jul 2014


I don’t know how to explain this but the folklore is simultaneously unlike anything Taylor has ever done while being the most Taylorist thing she has ever done in her life.

9:07 am – Jul 24, 2014


folklore is really for bitches who are awake at night, stressful and wondering what they could have done differently in their life

8:59 p.m. – Jul 25, 2020


I’ve been studying folklore lyrics since its release just so I can better understand what I’m crying about,

22:16 – 26 Jul 2014


1989 is for bitches who want to move to New York and the folklore is for bitches who want to move to Europe

11:09 am – Jul 25, 2014


By the way to those who ask .. I love Betty the best of folklore .. 3 reasons. It’s pretty country, that’s my dog’s name. AND he drops the F-bomb. Triple Threat ..

8:05 am – Jul 29, 2014

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