Tamzin Outhwaite tells her boyfriend he can leave her if he wants his own kids


Former EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite has said she will give her boyfriend her blessing to let her have children with another woman if he wants to start a family.Mum of two, Tamzin, 49, is dating Tom Child, who is 20 years her junior and has no children.

The actress has two children from her former marriage to actor Tom Ellis and insists she doesn’t want to have any more children herself.

She says, “After my experiences in life, I don’t think I think everything is always forever.

“He hates that I say that, but if he really wanted kids in a few years, I’d give him my blessing.” I don’t feel like he has to be here forever. I’m just having a great time. ”

Speaking on the Midlife podcast postcards, Tamzin says coming out in her forties was “liberating” because she no longer cared about finding The One.

Tamzin, 49, with boyfriend Tom Child

“It’s liberating because I have my kids,” she says. “I don’t need to get married and I don’t need children. So in fact, I’m really at the freest point of my life.

“To have someone who makes my daily life bright, exciting and fun… it’s like home, very familiar. But at the same time it feels like my adventure. ”

Tamzin’s marriage ended in 2013, and says she found dating “mucky”.

Tom gets along well with his daughters from a previous relationship

The actress is in love with Tom, 28

“I’m a serial monogamist,” she says.

She has previously rejected the term “toyboy” in connection with Scareycrows actor Tom, 28, as she notes that there is no male equivalent.

The couple have been dating for two years.

Tamzin, who is said to have attended Strictly Come Dancing this year, has previously said of their relationship: “People think I’m going through a midlife crisis, but in fact not all men want a younger woman. .

She says her kids love her boyfriend

“There is Joan Collins, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Helena [Bonham-Carter] with younger men, so I’m in great company.

“Tom is very good for my mental and physical health. Conversely, no one says anything about a young woman, do they? ”

Tamzin is a mom to Florence, 11, and Marnie, 7, who says “adores” her boyfriend.


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