Tamar Braxton would have blasted the announcement of its release on WE TV: “Abuses and lies”


Tamar Braxton has reportedly responded to WE tv’s decision to release her and is not happy with the way the network did. Although Braxton called on the network to release her from her contract, the Braxton Family Values star said “no one” on the network spoke to him or a lawyer before announcing his decision. Braxton said this was another example of the “abuse and lies” she spoke of.

“LIES !! Nobody spoke to a lawyer, or to me, sent a flower or a card, a text to me or to NAN !!! Braxton wrote in a now deleted tweet, according to The shadow room. “THIS is the abuse and the lies I’m talking about. It doesn’t help my mental state. They won’t stop until they see me lost or dead. “

The tweet came right after WE tv sent a statement to Variety, stating that they plan to “work with his representatives to honor his request to end all future work of the network.” WE tv has said that Braxton has been an “important part of our networking family” for over a decade. “As she focuses on her health and recovery in what is clearly a difficult and personal time, we will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work of the network,” the statement continued. “We only wish him the best. ”

Sources said Variety the network still plans to broadcast Get Ya Life!, a new reality TV series starring Braxton. Six episodes were filmed and the show was postponed to September. Braxton also appears in several upcoming episodes of Braxton Family Values Season 7.

WE tv’s decision came on Friday after Braxton broke his silence after being hospitalized on July 16 for an alleged suicide attempt. In addition to briefing fans on her health, the singer went into detail about her relationship with WE tv, accusing the network of twisting her life for the odds. “Who I was was starting to mean little or nothing, because it would only be how I was portrayed on television that mattered. It was the witness to the slow death of the woman I have become, which discouraged my willingness to fight, ”she wrote. “I felt like I wasn’t living anymore, I existed for the purpose of winning and valuing businesses, and that killed me. ”

Braxton said she had been “betrayed, exploited, overworked and underpaid”. She also called for the creation of a union to protect reality TV stars who “fights for ethical business practices in reality TV, fights for ownership of our businesses, promotes growth and evolution of our stories, and gives us 100% freedom ”.


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