Sushant Singh Rajput’s family congratulate Shekhar Suman for criticizing Rhea Chakraborty for his ‘careful’ interview



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                La famille de Sushant Singh Rajput a réagi à l'interview de Shekhar Suman dans laquelle il a critiqué Rhea Chakraborty pour ses déclarations contre l'acteur décédé et sa famille. 

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family congratulate Shekhar Suman for criticizing Rhea Chakraborty for her ‘neat’ interview


Après la disparition prématurée de l'acteur décédé Sushant Singh Rajput le 14 juin 2020, Shekhar Suman a soutenu la famille de l'acteur décédé et a exigé une enquête de CBI car, tout comme les fans de SSR, il soupçonnait lui aussi un acte criminel. Par la suite, lorsque la Cour suprême a ordonné une enquête de la CBI sur l'affaire de la mort de Sushant Singh Rajput, Shekhar Suman était ravie et aujourd'hui, dans une interview, Shekhar Suman a critiqué Rhea Chakraborty pour son interview, qui est étiquetée comme une interview payée pour calomnier l'image de SSR. .

Since Rhea Chakraborty’s interview with India Today aired, the Jalebi actress has been massively trolled on social media for her PR campaign, and dDuring an interview with Republic, Shekhar Suman also criticized Rhea Chakraborty for her statements during her interview, claiming that Rhea gave an interview répétée '' et neat ”. Furthermore, Shekhar Suman expressed a sense of grief that Rhea had absolved herself of all guilt and vilified SSR and her family. Shekhar Suman said: “She started off on the wrong foot. She said that Sushant had come in her dream, that “you should give the interview and reveal the truth”. My question is, you were so in love with him, and people raised so many questions about you, people called you a suspect, even a convict. Why have you been silent for so long and why has it taken so long to come into your dreams? … ”

Adding, Shekhar Suman said that as an actor he could easily gauge that the questions had already been sent to him and that she had repeated them, and she spoke with great conviction. Subsequently, ‘United For Justice’, an official Twitter page created by Sushant’s family, reacted to Suman’s interview criticizing Rhea as the tweet read: “When thugs, killers and drug dealers deliver character certificates from a TV channel criticized by TRP, someone has to say – “shut up”. Keep it up @ shekharsuman7 .. »

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