Surviving Jeffrey Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell thought young Paris Hilton would be “perfect” for Epstein


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Ghislaine Maxwell thought a young Paris Hilton would be “perfect” for Jeffrey Epstein, a new documentary has claimed.

The anecdote is included in Survive Jeffrey Epstein, a documentary series aired on Lifetime Sunday and Monday (August 9 and 10).

In the fourth and final episode, Christopher Mason, a former acquaintance of Maxwell, alleges that she once expressed her interest in Hilton to a friend of her at a party.

“A friend of mine was at a party and Ghislaine said, ‘Oh my God, who is this?’ and looked at this pretty, young, sort of teenage girl, ”Mason said.

“And she said, ‘Do you know her?’ My friend said, “Yes, her name is Paris Hilton. And Ghislaine said, “My God, she would be perfect for Jeffrey. Can you introduce us? “

The documentary shows a photo of Paris Hilton, Donald Trump and Maxwell at a fashion show in September 2000. Hilton was 19 when the photo was taken.

Maxwell was arrested last month for conspiring with Epstein to sexually abuse minors.

She has pleaded not guilty and her lawyers have alleged that she was made a scapegoat after Epstein’s death last year.

The independent has contacted Maxwell’s attorneys for comment.


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