Survey Shows Support for Educators’ Concerns About COVID-19; but the majority think teachers should be in class


A new poll shows a majority of Ontario parents believe teachers should return to classrooms despite the coronavirus pandemic, although they have also said they support educators who refuse to work due to safety concerns.The MARU / BLUE public opinion poll found that about 60 percent of Ontario parents with school-aged children believe teachers should go back to the classroom and adjust to the new reality, just like other workers. frontline workers had to do so during the pandemic.

However, the poll also found that 65% of respondents believe teachers shouldn’t be forced to work if they think it’s not safe for themselves or their students.

The polling firm said those who supported this view were highest among parents of elementary school students at 68 percent, compared to parents of high school students at 62 percent.

A minority of Ontario parents – about 39% or four in ten – said teachers should be fired and possibly replaced if they couldn’t demonstrate that a compromised health situation could make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

Within this group, around 35% of parents of primary school students were in favor of dismissing or replacing teachers. About 44% of parents of high school students shared this view, the company said.

Despite this, the polling firm noted that a majority of parents – around 61% – do not believe teachers should be fired and replaced for safety reasons.

This view was shared “especially among parents of elementary school students (65%) versus parents in high schools (56%) and those in the GTA (55%),” the polling firm said.

The full survey can be found on the MARU / BLUE website.

The Maru / Blue Public Opinion Poll was conducted among 761 (plus or minus 4.1 percent) Ontario parents randomly selected from elementary and high school age students who are members of the Maru / Blue online panel. August 14-17, 2020 and is believed to be accurate. using a Bayesian credibility interval for 761 (plus or minus 4.1 percent), 402 parents of elementary school students (plus or minus 5.6%), 359 high school parents (plus or minus 5.9%) and a combined total of parents in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of 360 (plus or minus 5.9 percent).


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