Surrey Fire Department declares major incident after 100 homes evacuated | UK News


The Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has declared a major incident as crews continue to fight a 40-hectare wildfire after up to 100 homes were reportedly evacuated as a precaution.The blaze began at Chobham Common on Friday amid soaring temperatures in the southeast and spread to Wentworth Golf Course, disrupting play in the Rose Ladies Series Grand Final tournament as the competitors found themselves within sight of the fire.

The fire department tweeted: ‘Major Incident – Chobham Common, Heath Fire – Rescue teams are now moving all over Surrey to continue firefighting operations. Local roads remain closed by Surrey Police – Please stay clear of Chobham Common. ”

He said more updates will follow. The severity of the fire was at level four – “meaning the risk of forest fires and rapid fire spread may occur”.

Large numbers of emergency service personnel were at the scene under huge plumes of smoke, where at least 10 fire trucks, two water carriers and 10 other vehicles were working to fight the blaze.

Griff Ryan, 23, who lives in Sunningdale, near the fire, said it started with a ‘strange light’ around 1 p.m. Friday before the smoke and then later a ‘wall of flames’.

He added, “The smoke gradually got worse and ashes started to fall in our garden. At around 5 p.m., the fire was still not visible from the road.

“For about half an hour he became visible and can now see a wall of flame descending towards the railroad tracks. Other residents I spoke to said it was the worst they had seen in 30 years.

About 41 acres of grass and undergrowth were alight, and smoke from the fire was visible more than 10 miles away.

Surrey Search and Rescue sent a drone to monitor the blaze and their team remained on site to support emergency services.

Parts of the UK could experience record high temperatures overnight this weekend as the mini heat wave continues. Friday was the hottest August day in 17 years, with 36.4 ° C recorded at Heathrow and Kew Gardens in London.

Michael Gove, Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath, called the fire a “tragedy” thanking search and rescue teams for their help in handling the incident.

He tweeted: “I am horrified by the damage this wildfire has caused to Chobham Common – and I hope people will heed this evacuation warning – thanks to the Surrey Fire and Rescue Services for their bravery in the fight against this terrible tragedy.


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