Sunset’s Heather Rae Young sale applauds Chrissy Teigen on real estate agent status


Heather Rae Young is not going to sell short.Earlier this month, Chrissy Teigen hit the headlines when she asked if some Vendre Sunset the actors are in fact real estate agents.

“I’ll say,” the supermodel wrote on Twitter, “I watch real estate in Los Angeles a lot and haven’t seen any of these people lol [neither] have our agents, to whom I asked obsessively. ”

But during an appearance on KTLA, Heather was quick to set the record straight on her success.

“My answer to this is that I have had my real estate license since 2014,” she shared with Dayna Devon August 25 “I have been with the Oppenheim group since 2015. I sold my first house within three months of obtaining my permit. It was a $ 7.2 million house. A week later I sold a $ 1.5 million condo and you can look for proof. ”

Not impressed? This Vendre Sunset the star is not yet over.


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