Summer camp continues to run after child tests positive for COVID-19


The main doctor in the area said an outbreak has been declared, but the exposure may be limited enough to allow the camp to continue

A child tested positive for COVID-19 at an area summer camp.Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr Hsiu-Li Wang confirmed the news on Tuesday at a weekly press briefing, but declined to give additional information about the child or the camp itself for privacy concerns. .

Since the Department of Education defines a case in a day care center or day camp as an outbreak, an outbreak was declared, although the camp was allowed to continue to operate.

“The decision whether or not to close an establishment like this depends on an assessment of the potential exposures that might have occurred, and factors such as the existence of other groups that would not be affected and whether they had ‘enough staff to continue,’ explained Dr Wang.

She also noted that the camp had and continues to have a face mask policy, although it is possible that the child contracted the virus from a different location.

“The important thing is to make sure that all potentially affected families and staff are informed, and public health is following up on the case as well as contacts. ”

The epidemic is the first of its kind in the region. Public health continues to investigate how the child contracted the virus.


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