Suicide Squad Director Confirms Joker / Fake Harley Quinn Theory


Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently responded to an online theory from the Joker / Harley Quinn regarding mysterious women, dressed in red, who briefly appear in the background of some of Joker’s moments of emotional turmoil. First, here’s the full “Woman in Red” theory from @ Cold Blooded Joke…

Drawing inspiration from an episode of The New Batman Adventures, where Joker hired a woman to look like Harley, then almost killed her when he was tired of her, the theory goes that these women are meant to be substitutes. from Harley to Joker at the time. of Harley’s incarceration. Then of course with this do not being an animated series, it Is kill them when he does eventually crack. When presented to him with this theory, by a #ReleasetheAyer Cut advocate, Ayer confirmed the idea.

Ayer recently said a director’s cut – aka “Ayer’s Cut” – from Suicide Squad would be “easy to finish.” Fans started a #ReleasetheAyerCut movement after it was announced that Warner Bros. was spending $ 30 million on it. completion of the Snyder Cut of Justice League for HBO Max.

This news, along with years of reporting on Jared Leto’s cut Joker scenes and the film’s general tone changed to something more comedic, has many people keen to see Ayer’s original Suicide Squad emerge.

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