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Everyone should have some money set aside for a rainy day. However, extremely low interest rates mean that it is now more difficult than ever to create a large financial nest with savings accounts alone. That’s why it might be better to stop saving and start buying dividend-paying stocks instead.

It’s time to buy dividend stocks

Since the start of the year, interest rates on savings accounts have fallen. The best easy-to-access account on the market today offers an interest rate of just 1.16%.

At that rate of return, it would take 62 years to double every £ 100 invested.

As such, dividend-paying stocks may be a better alternative. Even though many companies have reduced their distributions to investors this year, many blue chips still pay dividends.

Indeed, the average dividend yield of the FTSE 100 is always greater than 4%.

Dividend stocks are a great alternative to savings accounts because companies typically increase their payouts over time. This provides a level of protection against inflation over the long term.

For example, FTSE 100 dividend champion Hikma has increased its dividend per share by 100% over the past six years. This suggests that investors who bought the company’s stock in 2014 are expected to pocket a return of almost 7% on their investment today.

The stock also provided investors with substantial capital gains over the same period and profits rose. Cash savings accounts do not offer the same type of growth potential.

Over the past decade, the stock has returned over 12.6% annually. That’s almost 10 times higher than the best cash savings account on the market today.

Hikma is a prime example of why high-quality dividend-paying stocks may be the better option over long-term cash savings accounts. There are a handful of other stocks in the FTSE 100 that offer the same qualities as Hikma. These companies all have strong balance sheets, above-average profit margins, and competitive advantages.

Money is king

While dividend-paying stocks can help you build your financial nest egg and retire early, it is still essential to have cash reserves for emergencies.

A useful guide is to keep about three months of living expenses in cash at all times. This should be enough to cover unforeseen shocks, such as loss of income.

With that cash reserve in place, buying dividend-paying stocks could help you increase your annual income. They can also help you generate passive income, leaving more money to save. It’s another way to buy dividend-paying stocks to help you retire early.

As such, this might be a great time to ditch cash savings accounts and start buying dividend-paying stocks instead. These income games could help improve your financial situation, and many offer higher levels of income than the best savings accounts on the market today.

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