Steve-O Duct got stuck on a billboard


Before the pandemic, the Donkey the crew was to meet this year to film Jackass 4. It didn’t work because of COVID-19, so we won’t be able to see the guys in action again until September 2021.

But luckily Steve-O won’t let the pandemic stop him from succeeding Donkeystunt digne.

Thursday the Donkey and Wildboyz star tied himself to a billboard to promote his comedy special, Gnarly, which is only available to stream through its site.

The location of the billboard is on North Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles.

He even took selfies while taped and ensured there was no chance he would fall. But, tbh, as a clumsy person I’m very, very worried about his phone!

Fox 11 Los Angeles filmed Steve-O as he took photos of the crowd below him. It’s just as hilarious and terrifying to watch.

Fox 11 Los Angeles / via Facebook en direct

After seeing this, now all I want is for Donkey come back! 2021 cannot come soon enough.

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