Stephen Colbert Turns Melania Trump’s RNC Dress Into ‘I’m With Stupid’ T-Shirt In Stunning Segment | The independent


The first lady took the stage Thursday night dressed in the fluorescent green clothing and holding her husband’s hand.

“It’s so generous of her to provide the blank canvas – you can put anything in it!” Colbert said on his late show, after calling the outfit a “green screen dress.”

He went through a series of options, each time with visuals to boot: “An ‘I’m with stupid’ t-shirt, Joe Biden, Stormy Daniels, the coronavirus, Black Lives Matter…”

Then, referring to the message on a jacket the first lady wore in June 2018 as she visited immigrant children being held in Texas, he added: “Whatever! I really don’t care, do I?

In the same segment, Colbert reflected on Ivanka Trump’s speech at the White House event, calling her “the oldest White House daughter and American Girl Doll right after orders.”

He released a clip of the president’s daughter saying in her speech, “Washington hasn’t changed Donald Trump. Donald Trump changed Washington. “

“She’s right, actually, and it’s weird,” Colbert said to himself. “The presidency proverbially changes the occupier. It makes them mature, it makes them age.

The host compared photos of Barack Obama before and after his presidency, highlighting the physical changes he experienced during this time.

“But Trump doesn’t do any of the things that make you mature or age you,” he added.

“Like worrying about the American people or feeling responsible for their protection, or obviously whatever.” “


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