Stephen Colbert on Trump calling Kamala Harris “bad guy”: “How lazy are you? “| Culture


Stephen Colbert

A day after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden picked California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, Donald Trump attempted to tear her down – she is “mean,” he told a press conference. “She was extremely mean, she was mean at a level that was just a horrible thing,” he said, “very, very mean.”

The “nasty” attacks were, as Stephen Colbert pointed out on Wednesday’s Late Show, deeply unoriginal. “How lazy are you ?!” You’re just repeating what you said about Hillary. You are stuck in 2016! And that’s not fair – why should you be the only one living in a time when you’re not president?

The Trump campaign has tried to label her a “fake Kamala” but is still reportedly “creating effective nicknames” to portray her as “ruthless” and “greedy for power.”

“What a wonderful use of the Commander-in-Chief’s time,” said Colbert unmoved, picturing Trump as a Mean Girls character leaning over his “burning book” instead of dealing with the coronavirus crisis.


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