Statement by the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom (20.08.20)


On August 20, the United States sent a letter to the UN Security Council requesting the launch of the “snapback” mechanism, which allows a participant in the JCPoA to request the reimposition against Iran of the multilateral sanctions lifted in 2015 in accordance with Resolution 2231, adopted by the United Nations Security Council.France, Germany and the United Kingdom (“E3”) note that the United States ceased to participate in the JCPoA after its withdrawal from the agreement on May 8, 2018. Our position regarding the effectiveness of the American notification in accordance with resolution 2231 was therefore very clearly expressed to the presidency and to all members of the UNSC. We therefore cannot support this action which is incompatible with our current efforts to support the JCPoA.

The E3s are committed to preserving the processes and institutions that form the foundation of multilateralism. We remain guided by the objective of maintaining the authority and integrity of the United Nations Security Council. We call on all members of the UNSC to refrain from any action which would only aggravate the divisions within the Security Council or which would have serious negative consequences for its work.

We remain committed to the JCPoA despite the significant challenges caused by the US withdrawal. We believe that we should address the current issue of Iran’s systematic non-compliance with its JCPoA obligations through dialogue among JCPoA participants, including through the Joint Commission and the use of the Dispute Resolution Mechanism. disputes. In order to preserve this agreement, we urge Iran to reverse all measures inconsistent with its nuclear commitments and return to full compliance without delay.

As we have already underlined, including in our statement of June 19, we are seriously concerned about the implications for regional security of the planned expiry of the United Nations embargo on conventional arms, in particular given the Iran’s destabilization activities, which continue unabated. E3 is committed to providing adequate responses to these challenges and will continue to work with all UNSC members and stakeholders to seek a way forward that preserves space for further diplomacy. Our efforts will be guided by the need to maintain the authority and integrity of the United Nations Security Council and to advance regional security and stability.


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