Statement by the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada August 9, 2020


OTTAWA, ON, Aug 9, 2020 / CNW / – Instead of an in-person media update, Dr. Theresa Tam, From Canada The Chief Public Health Officer issued the following statement today:“There have been 119,221 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including 8,976 deaths. 87% of people have now recovered. Laboratories through Canada have tested 4,404,038 people for COVID-19 to date. Over the past week, an average of 48,360 people have been tested daily, of which 1% have tested positive and an average of around 400 cases have been reported each day across the country.

The continued efforts and sacrifices of Canadians have allowed us to flatten the curve of COVID-19, putting the spread of the novel coronavirus under manageable control by Canada. This has allowed us to protect our healthcare system, while increasing the capacity of hospitals and our public health and laboratory systems to maintain control of epidemics in the future. Our efforts have also saved us time as research and science accelerates at an unprecedented rate to find vaccines that are safe and effective.

Based on mathematical modeling, a recommended approach to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic involved an initial phase of strong public health measures – including shutdowns – to halt the exponential growth of the epidemic that threatened to overwhelm the healthcare system . There follows a longer phase of less restrictive public health measures aimed at keeping COVID-19 under manageable control, while cautiously reopening social and economic spaces. This holistic approach has been commonly described as the ‘hammer and the dance’. In Canada, we have controlled the epidemic with the “hammer” and now it is time for the dance to reduce the rate of infection, until a safe and effective vaccine or treatment is available to bring COVID-19 under widespread and lasting control.

As I said before, the virus doesn’t care about our past efforts. It’s what we do now that counts. We have gone too far, we have lost too much and have so much to protect. Our biggest fight is to persevere in our collective effort, to maintain the careful balance of keeping the infection rate low (the dance), to protect the most vulnerable, while minimizing the health consequences and social involuntary restrictive public health measures (the hammer).

We can all do our part to maintain this balance by improving our knowledge of high-risk situations to avoid and precautions to reduce the risk of infection and spread of the virus. Take the time this Sunday to read my backgrounder, available here, with key information and resources that will help us learn the dance moves to keep COVID-19 under control and ensure we can all continue to do so. things we like.

Don’t give up hope, keep dancing and be part of the solution. ”

SOURCE Public Health Agency of Canada
For further information: Media Relations, Public Health Agency of Canada, 613-957-2983, [email protected]


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