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It may be in a galaxy far, far away, but the repercussions continue to be felt here. The Skywalker Saga has finally concluded in theaters after more than 40 years of exciting (and more recently divided) fans. The Sequel trilogy has been overshadowed by many backlashes against Disney and Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy. Rumors and reports persist that they have demanded many cuts in The Rise of Skywalker, but that new Disney CEO Bob CHapek is considering bringing a Director’s Cut to Disney Plus.

After the enormous excitement for The Force Awakens and the corresponding huge box office draw, it was a bumpy ride for the remainder of the trilogy.Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi has divided fans like never before, followed by the box office disappointment of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Rise of Skywalker took in a respectable $ 1.074 billion at the global box office, but is a far cry from the $ 1.332 billion in Star Wars 8. In fact, it even grossed less than Rogue One in the United States.

But do fans really want to see a different version? If that includes Anakin Skywalker, they might …

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A new report claims a dramatic new cut to the film is on the way. As always, take all of these affirmations with a pinch of salt (or Tatooine sand).

He says, “Kathleen Kennedy changed and deleted dozens of scenes during the first and second phases of the cover and rewrite. ”

“It is described that Bob Chapek, the new CEO of Disney, is pushing for the cuts of JJ (Abrams) and (George) Lucas to arrive on Disney Plus sometime in 2023, which will include these dozens of scenes which will include the ending. original film from one of the original cuts. ”

Of course, that would make another extremely popular scene from the theatrical cut involving Kylo / Ben’s dad redundant.

Many fans were deeply moved by Han Solo’s reappearance, in this surprised final vision of his son at the ruins of the Second Death Star.

It was a powerful and deeply emotional way to bring the iconic character back, as well as effectively reminding Anakin of his origins as Ben.

However, one should not forget that it was not Han in ghost form at all.

It was a vision, created when the dying Leia used her own force powers one last time to traverse the galaxy to help her son discover that hers was back to light.

Many fans were hoping for more substantial Force Ghost appearances in the final film, especially Anakin.

However, it should be noted that Abrams himself made no indication that any form of directorial cut was planned. In addition, actor and childhood friend of Abrams Greg Grunberg has also publicly dismissed the rumors.

Fans on both sides of the division will have a few more years to debate and disagree.



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