Stacey Solomon steps in to welcome Loose Women after Andrea McLean’s ‘storm’


Stacey Solomon was forced to take on Loose Women’s hosting duties on her own after Andrea McLean and Denise Welch left the stage.Stacey, 30, was chatting with Andrea, 50, Denise, 62, and via video call Penny Lancaster, 49, about potential new foreclosure rules.

They wondered if the government would reinstate a lockdown – but only for more than 50 years.

That would mean a large chunk of the Loose Women crew would stay home – including Andrea and Denise.

“If Boris decides to lock the 50+, we would be gone, Dens,” Andrea said, “Stacey, you would be alone.

“We’re going to give you a taste of what cowardly women would look like if they blocked the over 50s.

Andrea wanted to show viewers what Loose Women would look like without over 50

Andrea and Denise got up from the chairs and left the set, leaving Stacey to announce a commercial break as she took on the sole presentation duties.

” Are you going?! Stacey shouted.

“Yeah, I’m leaving,” said Andrea Cooly.

“It’s just you and me, Think!” Stacey laughs.

Andrea and Denise are gone

Stacey took over the reception duties after Andrea and Denise left

Earlier on the show, the four discussed the possibility of locking out the under-30s.

Stacey reasoned, “It’s really difficult because you can’t put every category in the same bracket.

“I have a feeling the over 50s – not everyone in the over 50s is vulnerable and not all of the under 25s are going to break the rules.

Stacey was left with Penny on a video call

Stacey argued that we shouldn’t generalize about anyone based on their age

“I always find it really boring to categorize people and group people together, because I know a lot of mature and sane 15-25 year olds who play by the rules and want this pandemic to end.

“I know a lot of people my grandparents’ age [who say] “Well, I’m not wearing a mask.

“I don’t think you can say that one group is like this and the other is like that. “

Panel contacted Coleen amid her sisters’ cancer battle

The panel also took the time to send a heartfelt message of support to colleague Coleen Nolan as older sisters Linda and Anne both battle cancer.

“We want to send a really special message to our Coleen and her family,” Andrea said.

“Now Cole, we know you are watching from home and we want to say that we are sending you a lot of love and strength as your sisters Linda and Anne are currently in chemotherapy together. “


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