Spain is preparing to lock on Friday September 18 with the three-phase system closing the borders with France and Portugal


Spain’s government headed by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to lock Spain down again on Friday, September 18, 2020

Pedro Sanchez is expected to shut down Spain on Friday, September 18 as the nation fights to contain the increase in coronavirus outbreaks in Spain.

The nation, which is beginning to wage a losing battle against the pandemic, has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 nationwide and the government has set September 18 as the date to impose lockdown rules on its citizens, according to the reports. ministers of Congress.

While the previous lockdown saw a three-phase release, starting September 18, the overall plan is to introduce a three-phase lockdown.

The first phase will see if plans go ahead, see regional lockdown, which will prevent Spanish citizens from traveling outside their residential municipalities, as well as border closures with France, Portugal and Italy aside. for essential trade passages. The first phase will also see the cessation of non-essential passenger flights from Europe.

Phase two, if the first phase does not contain and prevent an increase in a 14-day monitoring period, will see the closure of non-essential businesses, such as bars, restaurants and cafes. Theaters, cinemas and other places of social gathering will also be included.

The third phase, if necessary another 14 days later, will again see citizens ordered to stay at home and allowed to go out only for their basic needs.

The two Spanish members of the congress also revealed to the Weekly Euro News On Saturday, talks were held with prime ministers of other countries, briefing on the departure plan, including Britain’s Boris Johnson.

One of the ministers revealed: “Governments are working together to try to prevent another pandemic and the loss of thousands of lives, this is one of the reasons you see vacation companies canceling flights and packages. holidays in September, they were warned ”

“We the Spanish government must protect our nation, rest assured that the government will do everything in its power to keep the wheels of industry moving, but at the same time we must protect our people”

“The first phase should start on Friday, September 18, the government will then assess the situation 14 days later, nobody wants to see the second phase put in place, everything will be done to avoid it, but it will be put in place. and the third if the needs must ”

“This time we were able to plan ahead, we got through the summer and allowed our citizens freedom of movement during the summer months, now we need to take back control of reducing infections and deaths” , he concluded.


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