South Korea warns of another church-linked Covid-19 outbreak


But Mr. Jun ignored the order, attending a rally in central Seoul on Saturday organized by another anti-government conservative group. He claimed that the epidemic in his church was caused by a “terrorist” attack aimed at crippling his political activism.

“They spread the virus on our church,” he said at the rally, without specifying who he was referring to.

Health officials said her accusation was not worth commenting on. Mr. Jun is known for giving thought-provoking speeches filled with provocative and unfounded allegations.

Mr. Jun said he urged his followers not to join the rally on Saturday and to stay at home. But local media reported that members of his church were among thousands of anti-government protesters on Saturday, some of them not wearing masks.

Mr. Moon on Sunday called their participation in the rally an “unforgivable act.”

“Many of those who needed to self-isolate have gone to street protests, raising the serious possibility that they have spread the virus to protesters from across the country,” Moon said on his Facebook page. “It is an obvious challenge against the state’s disease prevention system and an unforgivable act against the safety of the people.”

Mr. Moon pledged to “take decisive action, including coercive action” against Mr. Jun’s church. Also on Sunday, the Seoul city government said it would prosecute Mr. Jun for violating disease control laws by spreading false rumors about the epidemic and ignoring a government order to self-harm. -isolate.


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