Sky Sports’ Jacquie Beltrao provides update on breast cancer after devastating diagnosis


Jacquie Beltrao said she gave an encouraging update on the cancerous mass in her breast after being told by doctors that she was “incurable”.The 55-year-old Sky News sports presenter was delighted to learn that he had shrunk to half of his original height.

Jacquie was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after doctors allegedly told her for the first time that she had the disease in 2013.

Talk to Hello! magazine that “neither my doctors nor I could believe” how much growth had diminished.

She added: “I was amazed and so relieved.

“I was told that even if the tumor inside my breast remained the same size, it would be a good result.

“But to find out that he had shrunk was unheard of. “

Jacquie Beltrao provided an update on her breast cancer diagnosis

The former Olympic gymnast was devastated when she found out she was sick again and “didn’t realize” that breast cancer could come back.

Speaking of the diagnosis, Jacquie said, “Coping again felt like a kick in the stomach.

“When I was told it was incurable, I burst into tears and thought, ‘That’s it, I’m going to die’. ”

With such a heartbreaking outcome, Jacquie spoke about what upset her in the future.

Jacquie Beltrao and her family

She added: “I felt so sad that I would never go to my daughter’s wedding, see my sons graduate or become a grandmother. ”

Jacquie said that although she is “not out of the woods yet”, doctors told her it was “possible to control the cancer”.

She revealed her diagnosis in an on-camera track she shared on social media in June, after already starting treatment for third-year breast cancer.

The sports news anchor told his fans, “For the past four weeks my family and I have been going through a living nightmare.

“But I am where I am. I have a great medical team, friends, family. “

Cover of their latest edition of Hello! magazine

Jacquie took the news out because she didn’t feel comfortable pretending everything had been normal when she returned to work at Sky.

She said, “Locked out I took my own advice and wrote a check and found a tiny little piece right here.

“I had it biopsied, it turns out it’s third year breast cancer again. Much nastier than the first one I had.

“I’m sharing this because it was weird going back to Sky and coming back to social media pretending everything was bright and fun when it wasn’t. ”

* Read the full interview in Hello! magazine, now available.

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