Sky News live broadcast crushed by ‘yobs’ who ‘harassed’ reporter in Preston


Sky News viewers were outraged after seeing two “idiots” harassing a correspondent giving a live television report to Preston.Both men smirked stupidly as they jumped right behind the reporter and pulled out their phones to take pictures, ignoring social distancing in the process.

Additional restrictions were placed on Preston after the rise in Covid-19 infections in the city last week.

The Sky News reporter spoke about the effect it had on the city when his show was interrupted by a man who appeared right behind him, holding up his phone.

Man yelled at his friends that he was “on TV f *** ing” during the live broadcast

As he tried to continue talking, the man repeatedly shouted at his comrades: “I’m on TV, I’m on TV!” ”

Another man joined him, laughing as the reporter watched them.

And while they were clearly impressed with themselves, viewers were not emphatically.

Viewers weren’t impressed with the two men

One of them tweeted: “Idiots like this guy embarrassing Lancashire since about 1994 (guess).” Still imagine not understanding social distancing and then swearing on the news from the sky while wearing a ‍♀️ #Preston #skynews tracksuit. ”

While another commented, “I wonder why the R-rate is high in Preston ,, idiots like these breathe on your face #norespect #Preston #skynews. ”

A third simply wrote in exasperation, “Welcome to #Preston @SkyNews #prestonlockdown. ”

“And people wonder why Preston is on Lockdown. I think they f **** s on Sky News just show you why, ”remarked another.

One blasted, “Lock them down! Can you see me on init TV. Can you see me “… #COVIDIDIOTS in Preston as chavs ruin Sky News on coronavirus a bit.” Lock them down! “


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