Skull Session: Urban Meyer remembers his favorite games, Big Ten considers a basketball bubble, and Demario McCall calls the Ohio State coup


You no doubt have at heart what Ryan Day plans to do in Michigan this year.

Zeke did it too, and he’s got some thoughts.

In this scenario, of course, Jim Harbaugh is the snitch. And the points arrive at the end of October.

My favorite part of this whole ordeal is that no one across the country seems to have any doubts about the Ohio State’s ability to put 100 on Michigan. It is simply a question of whether Ryan Day Actually turn up the score like that.

Imagine being the recipient of it and knowing that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. And this gap is only widening.

Word of the day: subjugate.

URBAN HITS. Urban Meyer’s tenure in Ohio was roughly just a seven-year highlight, so picking the best time out of that isn’t easy, but he tried.

Damn Urban, no love for Braxton’s spinning motion? It was the only time in my life that I have seen a play so impressive that the opposing crowd gives it a standing ovation.

Or what about Noah Brown’s touchdown? Or Binjimen Victor’s 2018 touchdown against Penn State? Or Evan Spencer’s reverse pass to Michael Thomas?

I don’t mean to disrespect a legend, but some of those choices are pretty weak.

The problem here is that this climax reel doesn’t include a single Terry McLaurin block or a gunner climax. I guess he’s just recording these clips for his personal collection.

BUBBLE UP. If we’ve learned anything from pro sports on their reboots, it’s that bubbles work.

It doesn’t really help you much for football, where each team is essentially their own small town with probably over 200 core individuals, but it might be achievable for basketball, where that number could probably be less than 50 for each. team.

Feasibility aside, the other problem here is that it’s hard to sell all of the “amateur student-athlete” stuff when you take them off campus full-time and put them exclusively in one specific location for them to do. can practice their sport.

But if you’re okay with admitting that basketball players aren’t normal students and shouldn’t be treated as such, let’s go. An admission like that would make football much easier and more justifiable. It’s just going to lead to changes that are frankly going to happen anyway.

CALLING HIS PLAN. Maybe it was Ryan Day’s idea to lose 100 to Michigan this year, but it’s the players who are going to have to make it happen.

The good news is we have Demario’s word that the good guys are going to be the milestone of the century this year.

It goes without saying, but if Ryan Day actually does it, he’s steeped in Buckeye lore forever. It would be like an HD video quality version of Woody’s legendary two-point conversion, except for a torturous three-hour period.

Good Lord, Michigan may have to shut down the entire football program. There would be no recovery.

GOOD RIDDANCE. The Big Ten lost another star yesterday as Purdue superstar Rondale Moore decided to retire from the coming season.

It leaves me in conflict. On the one hand, it’s a bit of bullshit, we only got to watch such an electric player for 15 games in total. In addition, the state of Ohio will no longer have any chance of revenge for what it did to our hearts in 2018.

On the other hand, there is no way to do it again.

Yes, my official position is an extremely respectful “goodbye and good riddance”. I sincerely hope you spend the rest of your life putting millionaires on skates like you made my favorite soccer team.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Yellow” by Coldplay.

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