Skull Session: Power Five potentially heading for NCAA split, Wyatt Davis is compared to David DeCastro and Meechie Johnson looks like a five-star


Welcome to another week on this rock which turns very quickly. Can also make it delicious.

Word of the day: Exalt.

Bye, NCAA? The very bad virus is probably not entirely to blame for changing everything in varsity sport as we know it, but it was certainly a catalyst.

As if things weren’t wild enough already, we now have the Power Five seriously exiting the NCAA, especially if the NCAA decides to cancel the Fall Championships and / or continue doing nothing to lead. its member institutions through the global pandemic.

In recent days, Power 5 conference officials have started asking their members for advice on the feasibility of hosting their own championships in the fall, sources told SI. When asked if such a move to move away from the NCAA championship structure could be seen as a precedent-setting rift between the national college sports governing body and the Power 5, an athletic director said, “If I was (NCAA President Mark) Emmert, I would be really worried about this, he has to keep the Power 5 together.

Another Power 5 athletic director said he thought the chances of a fall breakaway championship were low, but added, “I think this is indicative of the bad relationship between the National Office (NCAA) and our team. conferences. ”

A veteran college administrator described the NCAA and Power 5 as having long been embroiled in an “existential crisis,” and wondered if this fall sports gambit could be “the crack in the armor” that leads to a possible split.

“Is this the last break?” The source asked. “You could have two championships: one from (Power 5) and potentially groups of 5 joining them, and a second for everyone in the spring. … It’s going to be really weird. “

I don’t know if that would be good or bad news, but what I do know is that the Power Five almost certainly doesn’t need the NCAA to function, so the second the taste of this sweet freedom, we will not be returning.

Buckle up your belt!

BOOMSHAKALAKA. It’s obviously not a rarity for a high school player to get better at basketball over time – in fact, that would be the goal, ideally – but heck Meechie Johnson doesn’t even look like the same person, and I mean that in the best possible way.

I remember when he enlisted in Ohio state I thought he looked pretty good and would be a good contributor for several years and then he got hurt and I didn’t didn’t know what to expect. Well guys we’re after an injury and he looks like a downright five star impossible to keep.

And he’s in the same class as his compatriot Malaki Branham – the country’s 27th overall player.

Don’t look now, but it looks like Chris Holtmann might have something to cook…

FUTURE BOWLER PRO FIVE TIMES? Wyatt Davis is poised to be Ohio State’s highly coveted next inside lineman, joining Billy Price and Pat Elflein. Frankly, I pray that his NFL career starts better than theirs.

The good news is that Daniel Jeremiah – one of my NFL Draft connoisseurs (behind Dan Hope, of course) – doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem. He foresees a long and solid career in the NFL.

The biggest takeaway: I have spoken to many offensive line coaches over the years and they covet every trait Davis possesses: strength, endurance and effort. He is an exceptional finisher. However, as I pointed out above, he has areas where he needs to improve. I’ve heard people compare him to Quenton Nelson. In my opinion, he is not far from this level of player. He lacks Nelson’s quickness, flexion of knees and change of direction. However, I believe Davis will be a solid starter as soon as he sets foot on NFL field.

He reminds me: I see similarities with David DeCastro when he was leaving Stanford in 2012. Both guys excel when they can stay on a track, and they collect a lot of knockdowns in every game. DeCastro had better flexibility, but I think they are comparable athletes. DeCastro has enjoyed a tremendous professional career with the Steelers, winning five consecutive Pro Bowl nods and two All-Pro caps. Davis has the potential to do the same.

I love the extremely decisive language used by Mr. Jeremiah. He’s Wavy Dub “not far away” a two-time Pro Bowler and a two-time All-Pro, but goes on to compare him to five-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro.

Hey man, whatever works. As long as I can see him bullying some people at the top level too, I’m happy.

MAINS. In my head, it makes perfect sense that a person who is seven feet tall has hands so large that they make common objects look like Barbie toys.

However! That doesn’t mean my brain is going to be okay with it when my eyes send it this image:

iPad = His hands == iPhone = My hands.

BE DUMPED THEN CANCER. Do you all love to give chin cancer a solid punch and get unique Buckeye gear at the same time?

If so, I have good news.

Fight cancer for a chance to win gambling-worn Cocaine Whites. Win-win.

SONG OF THE DAY. “The greatest spectacle” by The greatest showman.

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