Simon Cowell was riding the ‘fastest bike in the world’ when he broke his back


Simon Cowell was riding a powerful e-bike dubbed “the fastest in the world” when he broke his back, we can reveal. Unlike previous reports online, Judge X Factor had purchased a Swind EB-01 bike, the latest of a number of e-bikes he has purchased, but one that is incredibly fast.

The Swind Company website boasts: “With an impressive 15kW electric power, this is the most advanced and powerful electric bicycle on the market.”

And in a review of the bike, Wallpaper magazine called it “the world’s fastest electric bike,” which is “a tech toy for thrill seekers.”

Simon broke his back after falling from an electric bike

The 2018 review went on to say that “the EB-01 has an official top speed of 60 mph. With a little tuning and tinkering, says its designer Raphaël Caillé, it could go as fast as 80. ”

It is believed that Cowell recently purchased the vehicle and hinted that he might have underestimated the power of the bike.

Speaking on Twitter after breaking his back in several places, he said: “Some great advice… If you are buying an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I broke part of my back.

“Thank you all for your kind messages. And a huge thank you to all the nurses and doctors. Some of the nicest people I have ever met. Stay safe everyone. “

The bike he rode is dubbed the “fastest in the world”

It has an astounding electric power of 15 kW

The Mirror reported yesterday how Cowell fell off the bike at his home in Malibu on Saturday.

He narrowly missed breaking his spinal cord “by a centimeter”, which could have meant that he was paralyzed but still had to undergo six hours of surgery.

The fall was serious because his back was broken in three places and he had to put a metal rod to fix it during his operation.

He’s resting now but is expected to return to television next month for the final stages of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

Simon underwent six-hour emergency surgery on his back

It is described as the most advanced and powerful electric bicycle on the market

In 2017, Simon sang the praises of e-bikes, having spent £ 60,000 on seven of them for use in the US and UK.

He said at the time, “I was told to exercise more. Cycling is pretty boring so I decided to buy an electric bike and they are literally addicting.

“They’re going to be huge because you can’t really drive a car in London now.

“I’ve had a few near misses and you have to keep your mind on yourself. I call it Death Race 2000, trying to get to work, with all the vans, trucks and cars everywhere but it’s fun.


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