Shia LaBeouf films, ranked from worst to best


With more than 20 years of experience to his credit, Shia LaBeouf designed a hell of a resume for himself. At 34, LaBeouf’s varied career has already spanned three big chapters – the Disneyfied tween star, the big studio hotshot, and the actor leading a painstaking search for authenticity – and it’s possible he’ll be heading soon. to another. Each chapter shaped LaBeouf, making him the dedicated, Method-close actor we see today in films like Honey Boy and The tax collector, of which the latter was recently published.

As such, there is no actor currently working today who could reasonably be compared to LaBeouf; his talent and skills are unlike any of his peers. He’s an actor who lives on screen with all his heart exposed, surrendering himself so completely to his roles that he risks disappearing in them for good. Of course, he never really goes away because, at the end of the day, that’s LaBeouf we’re talking about. His public persona is just as present in each role as the fictional character he assumes.


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In honour of The tax collectorI watch 22 of LaBeouf’s greatest roles to date and re-evaluate them, ranking them from worst to best. ” But AllieYou shout as you read this, “we all know Shia LaBeouf has 60 acting credits through IMDb so far, a site I totally trust. Well that’s right, my friend, but when you take out all the shorts that LaBeouf appeared in, his previous roles where he appeared in small TV movie roles, everything that preceded his breakout role in Holes, all the roles where he appears in a few scenes and / or barely have an impact on the plot of the film he is in (see: Charlie’s Angels: full blast, I robot, Constantin, and Dumb and Dumberer: Quand Harry rencontre Lloyd), and her role as a voice in Surf because seriously who cares, then we hit the magic number 22.

Now to be clear, I am an avowed fan of LaBeouf. In my opinion, there is technically no “worst” performance. But we are classified here, so something must give. And so, on that note, let’s take a look at LaBeouf’s performance and see how they measure up.

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